How does Induction Heating work?

Single Induction heating
Induction heating is a highly efficient method of utilizing electrical energy to induce a recirculating current, normally higher then line frequency, in a work piece. The resistive nature of the work piece I_R losses, creates heat in the work piece. Since the induction heating is a non-contact method, and a non-conduction method of heating, many advantage can be achieved over conventional methods. Induction Heating is used largely in the fields of Heat Treating, Forging, Melting, Brazing, and Graphite Susceptor heating for the Semiconductor Industry. Multiple inductor designs in mixed gas chamber to insure correct metallurgical results are obtained. Design features include quick disassemble features to facilitate rapid change over of product. Encur, Inc. manufacturers both "Contact" and "Non-Contact" Bright Anneal Systems.